Imprint now the message or logo you like
    in the t-shirt of your choice
    through a wide variety of colors and sizes
    Cards, Brochures, Envelopes, Letterhead, Forms,
    Stickers, Labels, Posters
    and whatever else is printed in whatever quantity you need!
  • large format printing &signs
    We can print in all dimensions and a wide variety of materials such as
    in stickers for shop windows, cars, signs, interior decoration
    on posters, canvas, oneway, back lite, tarpaulin
    Stamps of all types at economical prices.
    Immediately and qualitatively
    In a very short time (even in 5' minutes)
    we manufacture any seal


Below you can see a series of additional services we offer for your better service

We undertake the installation of signs, digital stickers, shop or car dressing, we cover all your possible needs so that you get the best aesthetic result

We can ship our products via Courier with the lowest possible charge in Athens but also in the rest of Greece.

Now there’s nothing to worry about if you want something immediately, because we print in extremely fast times with high quality products and the latest technology machines at our disposal. So, whatever form, stamp, digital print you need, you simply …. 'Say it and it is done.'

We undertake your logo or your mockup so that you get a complete graphic solution and have your corporate identity, corporate colors, corporate forms that you can use to present yourself to your customers.


Professional car wrap with high strength vinyl decals


Sandblasting stickers with UV digital printing for the Regional Development Fund of Attica.


Our aluminum flags with digital printing

Digital print

Digital printing stickers for "Gameon" cafe interior wall decoration


Print-message on gray t-shirts for an event in Thasos Island

Store front

Digital Stickers as well as discount vinyl letters for commercial store.


Plaque with UV digital printing on transparent plexiglass 8 mm. for the "mikri ollandeza".

Bright sign

Bright sign with


Letters cut from gray, orange plexiglass for the XENOS store logo


Sign with pvc 10 mm. and paste a digital sticker with lamination for the MEDITERRANEAN DIET reception


Sign engrave for the internal marking of the offices


Plexiglass 8 mm. with digital back paste sticker as well as 4 decorative aluminum screws with spacers


Credit-type PVC card with 2-sided UV printing


Prescriptions in blocks of 50 sheets in A5 size with color printing as well as business cards with matte lamination

Change card

Printing change card on opal paper 300g. of LAOU LAOU company

Advertising brochures

Advertising brochures in A5 size, 2-sided printing with 135g paper. velvet for SWEET coffee

Business cards

Business cards as well as purchase acknowledgments on special 250g embossed paper. for e-shop ZAPPHIRE.

Menu-price list

Menu-price list of 4 pages in A4 size, with glossy lamination as well as printing on hats with the logo of the restaurant "O MENEXES"